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NYHP Guidelines




2.0.a - Member: a poker league player who has played in at least one game.
2.0.b - Active member: a player is an active member of the league if they have played in at least 40 games during the previous calendar year.
2.0.c - Host: someone who voluntarily provides a venue for poker league games.
2.0.d - Active host: someone who has hosted at least 12 times during the previous calendar year.
2.0.e - Board:  selected poker league members who represents the poker league’s hosts and players.
3.0       MEMBERSHIP

3.1- Becoming a member: a player interested in becoming a member must follow the process below:
1. The player must send an email to the designated membership chairperson with the following information: a. full name; b. phone number; c. email address; d. name of who referred them or how they found about the league; e. neighborhood of residence.
2. Once that information is received the prospective member will be contacted by the membership chairperson. The chairperson will then decide whether to add the prospective member to the mailing list.  
3. If membership is denied, the membership chairperson will inform the prospective member of the decision.
3.2 - Dismissing members: a player can be banned from the poker league after due consideration by the board for reasons that may include, but not be limited to (i) cheating, (ii) excessive physical or verbal abuse, (iii) the refusal to pay league fees or (iv) other extreme acts of uncool behavior.

4.0       BOARD

4.1 - Board responsibilities
4.1.a - The board shall support and provide management for the poker league, acting in its best interest at all times;
4.1.b - The board shall support the board officers and provide oversight for the poker league’s logistical and financial operations;
4.1.c - The board shall consider changes as needed to the poker league’s guidelines, policies and protocols;
4.1.d - The board shall adjudicate irresolvable disputes referred by hosts and players;
4.1.e - The board shall consider matters relating to the dismissal of league members.
4.2 - Composition of board
4.2a - The board which shall be made up of at least 5 active players or active hosts.
4.2.b - All active hosts or active players will have the option of serving on the board.
4.3 - Selection of the board - the board will be constituted in this manner.
1. All members of the board will be designated by the previous board.
2. All active members will be encouraged to submit their names in November.
4.4 - Board officers. The board shall select the following officers who will be expected to attend meetings and who will serve for one-year terms:
4.4.a - CHIEF LOGISTICAL OFFICER - the clo shall manage the league’s logistical operations including data management, website, member interface, and other day-to-day logistical needs; The clo shall designate an alternate who will have equal access (i.e., passwords, etc.) to all logistical components of the poker league.
4.4.b - CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (cfo). - the cfo shall manage the league’s financial operations; the cfo shall produce quarterly financial reports showing revenues and board-approved expenses and the size of the corresponding quarterly freeroll prize pool; the cfo shall designate an alternate who will have equal access (i.e., passwords, etc.) to all financial components of the poker league.
4.4.c - CHAIR -  the chair shall assemble the board agenda; the chair shall preside at meetings of the board;
4.4.d - SECRETARY - the secretary shall announce board meetings; the secretary shall take minutes at board meetings.


5.1 - Hosts responsibilities.
5.1.a - Hosts shall provide a safe and comfortable environment for players.
5.1.b - Hosts shall announce any house rules for their games before the game starts.
5.1.c - Hosts shall encourage good sportsmanship and proper poker etiquette.
5.1.d - Hosts shall report irresolvable disputes to the board.
5.1e - Hosts will make all final decisions regarding their games (on points not addressed by NYHP guidelines). Cash payouts can be whatever the host decides. Cash games do not qualify for points. 
5.1f - Hosts will be responsible for collecting $2 from each player in their tournaments, and for keeping track of player finishing positions. 
5.1g - Hosts are encouraged to report game results ASAP. Sooner is better. 24 hours at maximum.
5.1h - NYHP management will announce the host’s games via our mailing list. Interested players will respond directly to the host. The host will make all confirmations, and provide any necessary information to the players.
5.1i - In order for a game to count for points, the games must be announced and must be generally available to the entire list.
5.1j - The game must be announced a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event.  
5.2 - Players responsibilities.
5.2.a - Players shall abide by hosts’ house rules.
5.2.b - Players shall promptly notify hosts if they decide to withdraw from a game in which they had committed to play in.
5.2.c - Good sportsmanship and proper poker etiquette are recommended at all times.


6.1 - Player of the Year.
A player must play a minimum of 50 games per calendar year to qualify. The POY will be determined by averaging out the total points for all games played throughout the year. 
The "Player of the Year" will be awarded a prize commemorating their achievement and a $100 award in recognition of their accomplishment.
6.2 - Freerolls and Satellites.
Every quarter the league will hold a freeroll with the proceeds raised from the player’s contributions at each game minus poker league expenses. The player who ends the quarter with the highest average for the quarter will receive a refund of their game contributions. The top eight players by average for the quarter will win entry into the freeroll. The final two players will come from the finishers in a satellite to be held of all players who have played a minimum of 10 games during the quarter. In the event that a player who qualified for the freeroll is not able to make it, the next person in the quarterly ranking will replace that player. The freeroll and the satellite will be a deep stack 10k chip, 20 minute blind event. The freeroll will pay 3 spots - 50/30/20%. All players will be required to confirm their attendance at least 48 hours before the event otherwise they lose their seat.


7.0       MEETINGS

7.1 - Scheduled meetings. Board meetings may be held quarterly, or as needed, but no less than once a year in a venue to be provided by a member of the board.
7.2 - Meeting agenda. The board’s agenda shall include clo and cfo reports, any referred irresolvable disputes, consideration of possible dismissal of members, and may also include other items as suggested by league members.
7.2.a - Soliciting the agenda. All players shall have an opportunity to suggest items for the board’s agenda.
7.2.b - Setting the agenda. The board’s agenda will be assembled by the board chair. 
7.2.c - Meeting notice. Meeting notices will be sent to all league members in advance. Active league members will be encouraged to refer all issues that need to be addressed by the board.
7.3 - Quorum. There must be three board members assembled for a quorum.
7.4 - Majority rule. A majority vote of board members present is required to ratify actions of the board.
7.5 - Meeting records.
7.5.a - Minutes. Meeting minutes shall include at a minimum the date and location of meeting, a list of meeting attendees, and any actions taken by the board.
7.5.b - Records access. Minutes shall be made available to all players upon request.

8.0       The guidelines can be amended by a majority vote of the board.


1. There must be a minimum of 6 players for a game to qualify for points. 
2. The buy-in must be at least $20. 
3. Hosts are encouraged to provide details when announcing their games. 
4. If your game will be a rebuy game, it must be announced as such.
5. Players are responsible for their own stats, and should thus keep track of their standings. Corrections will only be made when accompanied by a detailed explanation (game date and location, what the alleged error is, etc).
6.  To declare a tie (for points only), the difference in chip counts between the chip leader and the shortest remaining stack must be less than ten percent of the total of all chips in play.
7. All players are responsible for their own statistics. Players must inform the CLO of any needed corrections within two weeks of the statistics being published on the website. No corrections will be made on games played 2 weeks before publication. At the end of the quarter, players must inform the CLO of needed corrections within 5 days of the day the statistics are published. Corrections needed after 5 days will not be accepted


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